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What is Landing Page?

Landing Page is a landing page for a specific product or service that shows the main advantages: review, reviews, promotions and convinces a person to place an online order or call right now. Such pages are designed for hot sales, while the person is impressed. An effective tool for collecting leads.

How much does a Landing Page cost?

The cost of developing a landing page (landing page) depends on the complexity of the design, the number of blocks present, programming, adaptive layout and many other factors. To calculate the cost, please contact our specialists.

How quickly can a Landing Page be developed?

Landing Page development time usually takes from 5 days to 1 month, depending on the complexity of design, programming, amount of information provided, creative approach and many other factors.

How does a landing page sell?

It has been proven that a person perceives information much better if it is presented with visual accompaniment. Landing page allows you to present a product or service in a thesis form, showing a person a visual presentation. An excellent combination of pictures, call-to-action, product data in abstract form simplifies the perception of information and allows a person to quickly get acquainted with its main advantages.

Why do you need the creation and development of a Landing page?

Are you the owner of an online store and want to increase sales of high-margin products? Make a landing page, launch a special advertising campaign and make a profit right now, without waiting for the growth of visitors to the main resource. Do you want to make money selling seasonal products? The easiest way is to order a landing page that will visually present your product to the client, launch an advertising campaign and get leads immediately, and not wait for your site to be promoted in the search results for high-frequency key queries.